Intern from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. studies at SAS.

Felix Chesher was an exchange student from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

A 6-week placement is part of the curriculum in 2nd year at RADA. We were lucky enough to host Felix here at our shop for his work-study. He is one of many students that have walked through our doors.

“I’m constantly surrounded by amazing companies, theaters, and creatives since moving to London, and has studied around the corner from the West End. My reason for doing my placement in New York with Scenic Art Studios was because I didn’t know when the next opportunity would come up where I’d have the time to learn for 6 weeks abroad.

My first google search must’ve been “Best Scenic Design on Broadway” then finding out who painted the sets...and it didn’t take long before SAS showed up. I hadn’t realized that a lot of shows I had seen on the West End had been painted at Scenic Art Studios and when I got a response saying they were interested in having me as an intern I was very excited

I think that it’s imported to push yourself, especially in the arts. I ended up being taught and working alongside some of the best scenics in the game.”

- Felix

It was a pleasure having you Felix. Please continue to create!!

- Scenic Art Studios

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