We loved getting our hands on David Korins' designs for BEETLEJUICE The Musical! Watching the scenics at work on these larger-than-life pieces was pretty extraordinary.

Music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect. Book by Scott Brown and Anthony King.

Scenic Artists: Loryn Benkowski, Garrett Scott Ball, Chris Botta, Kate Cahill, Stephen Caldwall, Eileen Cammarata, Miranda Casler, Mark Cheney, Corn Farrell, Bryan Dueysen, Katrina Gordineer, Ron Gottschalk, Jocelyn Joyah Henry, Michael Hurt, Rosalind Isquith, Michele Knafo, Beth Lieberman, Valerie Light, Lisa Maxwell, Aubrey Mueller, Lynn Muniz, Lynn Nickels, Tisha Colandrea-Paige, Athena Parella, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Natali Pinchuk, Irina Portnyagina, Kate Rader, Matt Rosmus, Eric Shappach, Lynette Scoles, and Kogi Shimizu.

Special thanks to Showmotion Inc. and everyone else involved in this production!

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