(Mis)Conduct in the Workplace

(Mis)Conduct in the Workplace

Joseph Forbes attended the The Sexual-Abuse and Harassment event at The Public Theater​ on Thursday December, 7th 2017.

"The event was organized in the wake of the sexual-abuse and harassment scandals assailing so many industries and as rumors swept New York’s theater community that an exposé or exposés on Broadway abusers and harassers was about to be published."

- The Daily Beast​

Scenic Art Studios compassion to this cause led to a meeting the following day. "It is important to continue the conversation. It is up to all of us - charge artists, scenic painters, and colleagues to decide where it will go - and where it will end. No matter what the situation may be we will always value the respect of others in the workspace."

- Joseph Forbes

The Public has published a list of resources relating to sexual abuse and harassment for those working in theater. Please contact these organizations to express your concerns and needs. (https://www.publictheater.org/Sexual-Misconduct-Resources/)

Special thanks to Newburgh Brewing Company​ for allowing us to use their space!!

#metoo #sexualharrassment #art #creative #respect #scenicartstudios

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