JFK School visits Scenic Art Studios

John F. Kennedy Catholic High School got an exclusive tour of Scenic Art Studios. Led by scenic artist Jane Snow the students see how a Broadway's most vibrant #backdrops come to life!!!

"Thank you for the great tour and birds eye view of stagecraft. I think the kids walked away in wonder. Its always a really humbling experience to be among the best." - JFK school

"I was so inspired - thank you!" - Emily (student)

It was special to see the eyes widen as the children walked by our backdrops. Meeting some of our Scenic Artists inspired them to ask questions. Wanting to learn more about the process and materials used by our studio.

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn!" - Benjamin Franklin

Scenic Art Studios was happy to host such a enthusiastic group of students!! Good Luck and keep creating!

#Tour #Scenic #design #setdesign #school #students #JFK #catholicschool #visit #creative #art #scenicartstudios

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