Honey Sky Drop

Irina Portnyagina is a leading artist here at Scenic Art Studios.

First and foremost, Irina is a #brilliant artist with a range of skills that stretches from architectural rendering, portraits, the human form, and her incredible translucent skies. She is known for creating ingenious new scenic techniques and tools which have been adopted by other Scenics. Teaching newer Scenics how to adapt this style has helped shape them into true Scenics. Her ability to take a design and breathe life into it has also earned her the admiration of many Designers.

Irina is classically trained in painting, perspective, and drafting in the European tradition. This combination of classical training and forward thinking has come to define her as a true #Scenic #Artist.

THE HONEYMOONERS - Sky Drop Designer: Beowulf Boritt

lead painter: Irina Portnyagina

#Scenic #Design #art #scenicartstudios #creative #thehoneymooners #beowulfboritt

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