Playbill visit Scenic Art Studios

Ruthie, Mark and Tyler from Playbill get a personal tour of Scenic Art Studios from our Founder Joseph Forbes. Each drop we visited that day came with jaw dropping awe.

Scenic Art Studios create's beautiful #backdrops. What makes us so special is how we connect with the pieces themselves. From the concept to the finished product we all work together to get the job done. Just like a family we look after one another during the process. Laughing, Arguing, Creating, Paint flying everywhere, Glitter on our cloths....the list goes on.

We are happy to open our doors for all audiences. Allowing them to truly see how we operate...Stay Tuned for Playbill's film on the studio.

#scenicartstudios #creative #Design #design #broadway #playbill #ScenicArtDesign #art

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