Schools Up and Running!

We are up and running at the Studio and Forum of Scenic Art! Here are some photos of the new class, starting off with Instructor Joseph Forbes. We had some special guests (Jenny Knott from Rosco, Katie Fry from Infinite Scenic, and a mystery guest -an esteemed teacher of Scenic Art from an East Coast University situated on the Charles River).

There are 12 new students and 8 returning students for the Fall Semester - welcome all!clockwise: Joe Forbes, Jenny Knott, Kenny Lee Ess, Ana Maria Aburto,Katie Fry, Nickolas D'Annunzio, Reilly Miller, Jeff Baringer, Rachel Short Janocko, Mischa Georgieva, Wooster Kseniya, Alyssa Accardo, Kayley Giorgini, Jessica Hart, Kerrilyn Mcdonald, Jocelyn Henry, Allegra Crowther, Angela Marie Alvarez ,Rosalind Bunting, Jennifer Massenat, and Fallon Ventola. Not shown: Russell Eike , Julian Matthesen.

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