The Guild of Scenic Artists

The Guild of Scenic Artists is the community for Scenics to find opportunities for professional development and to connect with each other. We’re here for you; to connect, share, and develop.

The Guild’s founders saw that other industries were benefiting from associations that connected their constituents, yet no such association existed for the hundreds (if not thousands!) of non-union Scenic Artists that work across the country in a wide variety of industries. As the majority of Scenic Artists are freelance, the nomadic nature of their work makes it more difficult to connect and share knowledge with colleagues. Further, the unique nature of Scenic work can make it difficult to find appropriate product information and techniques that are geared specifically toward our industry. The Guild’s founders saw an opportunity to create an organization by Scenics, for Scenics.

The Guild saw that Scenics need three things: to connect, to share, and to develop. Foster your career as a Scenic. Click photo to enter Guild of Scenic Artists.

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