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Scenic Art Studios - Home Mural Project

We worked along with William Green Architecture to create a in home mural project for one of their clients. 

Scenic Art Studios - Tootsie The Musical

Designer - Dick Jaris Scenic Artists - Lead Artists Richard Prouse and Irina Portnyagina, Natali Pinchuk, Andrew Stone, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Lynette Scoles, Corn Farrell, Elektra Buhalis Special thanks - Showmotion Inc. David Rockwell / The Rockwell Group

Scenic Art Studios - King Lear

Brass Aging for the new new Broadway production of William Shakespeare's King Lear Scenic Design by Miriam Buether Scenic Artists - Katrina Gordineer and Kate Plumb Rader Special thanks to Showmotion Inc. and Aurora Productions

Scenic Art Studios - Beetlejuice the Musical 

Congratulations, to everyone who worked on this Production!!! We enjoyed getting our hands on David Korins Designs. He is an amazing designer for a great show!! It was amazing to watch/edit the scenics at work.

Scenic Art Studios - Foyer Drop 

Marie - Foyer Drop Designer - Beowulf Boritt Painted by - Lead Artists Irina Portnyagina and Natalie Pinchuk Special Thanks to PRG and Alchemy Production Group

Scenic Art Studios - Kiss Me, Kate

Designer - David Rockwell 

Scenic Artists - Lead Artists Irina Portnyagina, Richard W Prouse, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Natali Pinchuk, Tisha Colandrea-Paige, Andrew Hamilton Stone, Eric Shappach, Dana Walker,  Jocelyn Joyah Henry & Athena Parella. 

Special thanks to - Roundabout Theatre Company,  Rockwell Group & Showmotion Inc.

Music - Playlist

Scenic Art Studios - Opera Drop

Anastasia National Tour 

Scenic Artists - Natali Pinchuk & Irina Portnyagina

In association with ShowMotion Inc. 

Designer - Alexander Dodge

Painted by lead artist Irina Portnyagina and Natali Pinchuck 

Special thanks to - Bond Theatrical Group

Music - Artlist

Scenic Art Studios - Cut Foam Rollers

Lead Scenic Artist Richard W. Prouse goes over the technigues  

and patterns of using a cut roller. 

Scenic Art Studios - My Fair Lady

 FAIR LADY Set Designer: Michael Yeargan Special thanks - Hudson Scenic - Seth Gist and Paul Smithyman Painted by: Lead Artist Irina Portnyagina, Natali Pinchuck Richard Prouse, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Jocelyn Henry

Scenic Art Studios - Joanne Curtis

Joanne Curtis is a 3rd year student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Going for her BA in Production Arts - Scenic Art. She decided to take a work placement at Scenic Art Studios. Learning about how we paint cloths and the processes that it takes. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you Joanne Keep pursuing your dreams of becoming a Scenic Artist!!!

Scenic Art Studios - Winter Backdrop

Milford Recreation Department "Little Wing" Adaptive Ballet Theater Arts Company This adaptive theater program is for all school age children interested in the arts. Participants will rotate though visual arts/dance & movement/music & voice each week. Professionals along with Mentors will teach & guide students to target skills needed in each discipline. This unique inclusion program is also designed to enhance socialization & build self-esteem in a caring fun atmosphere.

Scenic Art Studios - Cyrano Drop

By: Theresa Rebeck

Directed by: Moritz Von Stuelpnagel 

Designer: Beowulf Boritt

Painted by: Lead Artist Irina Portnyagina 

Special thanks - Roundabout Theatre Company 

Mark Cajigao and Caroline Slason

Composer: Fitz Patton

Scenic Art Studios - Rodeo Drive

Chicago Production of the show PRETTY WOMAN

Designer: David Rockwell

Charge Artists: Michele Corn Farrell

Scenic Art Studios - Beyond the Shore

Nicolas Blanc's Beyond the Shore during Modern Masters.

Designer: Mark Stanley

Painted by leading artists - Irina Portnyagina, Richard Prouse and Natali Pinchuk

Scenic Art Studios -The Daughter of the Regiment

Designer: James Noone

Under the supervision of lead artist Irina Portnyagina 

Painted by artists - Jocelyn Joyah Henry & Reilly Miller

Scenic Art Studios - Gettin' the Band Back Together

Designer: Derek McLane

Global Scenic Services : Jim Malski, John Cashman Global Scenics :Charge Artist Mark Cheney, Katrina Goordineer, Chris Botta, Kate Plumb Rader PRG : Mark Peterson Traffic Backdrop Scenic Art Studios : Charge Ron Gottschalk, Sally Hope, With apprentice - Jocelyn Joyah Henry Special thanks to - Junipter Street Productions, Inc. propNspoon, Davenport Theatrical

Scenic Art Studios - Soldiers 

Miami City Ballet - The Nutcracker
Designer: Isabel + Ruben Toledo 🐭✨🎄


Scenic Art Studios - Hard Scenery

Gettin' The Band Back Together Designer - Derek Mclane Charge Artist - Misty Pelas Scenics - Tisha Colandrea-Paige Scenic Apprentice - Jocelyn Joyah Henry, Athena Parella Special Thanks to Prop N Spoon

Scenic Art Studios - Dressing Room

Dressing Room Window Scene from the show “The Honeymooners” amazing work from leading artist Irina Portnyagina.

Scenic Art Studios - Something to Dance About 

Choreographer: Jerome Robbins, direction and musical staging by Warren Carlyle Designer: Beowulf Boritt

Scenic Art Studios - Behind the Nativity Drop 

Scenic Artists Irina, Andy, and Rosalind work together to create the US Nativity Backdrop for the show "THE HONEYMOONERS" 

Scenic Art Studios - Head Over Heels 

Palace Portal backdrop for the show Head Over Heels. Watching the hand painted figures and architecture come to life was truly amazing!!!

Scenic Art Studios - Head Over Heels

Translucent Sky/Landscape backdrop.

Designer - Julian Crouch Painted by : Lead Artist Irina Portnyagina

Scenic Art Studios - Sky Drop

Waitress tells the story of Jenna, a waitress and expert pie maker who dreams of a way out of her small town and loveless marriage.

Joseph Forbes - Forbes has had a long career as a professional Scenic Artist working in New York on projects ranging from theatre, ballet, film, television, to theme parks, restaurant interiors and permanent displays. In 1994, Forbes founded Scenic Art Studios, which has become the premier scene painting studio for Broadway shows. The company has painted more than 300 Broadway productions

Scenic Art Studios - Starch on Canvas

Scenic artists Irina & Natalie prepare drop for yet another


Scenic Art Studios - Show Crew

Scenic Art Studios - Shop Crew Team Stretching the Net!

Scenic Art Studios  - EASY backdrop

Designer: Stephen J. Powers Painted by: Michele Farrell, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Andy Stone and Elektra Buhalis

Scenic Art Studios - Shop Crew

Thanks to our shop crew here at Scenic Art Studios. Once the backdrop has been created from our Scenics. The shop team folds and packs it safely to be shipped to the theaters around the world. They work very hard and making sure our scenics remain safe and have all the supplies they need!!

Scenic Art Studios -  Sky Scrim Carousel

"Carousel" Designer : Santo Loquasto Lead artists Irina Portnyagina

Scenic Art Studios - Show Scrim Carousel

"Carousel" Designer : Santo Loquasto Lead artists Richard Prouse along with scenic Natali Pinchuk

Scenic Art Studios - Dirty Legs

In the making of the wood planking backdrop for the show Dirty Dancing.

Scenic Art Studios - The Balloon

Designer: Isabella & Ruben Toledo

Painted by Scenics - Charge artists Corn FarrellTisha Colandrea-PaigeSally Hope, and Lynette Scoles

Scenic Art Studios - The Miami Nutcracker

 George Balanchine’s Miami City Ballet "The Nutcracker" Iconic choreography and Tchaikovsky’s timeless score performed

by the Opus One Orchestra at every show!!!

Scenic Art Studios - Bricks

Brick backdrops for "Les Mis" and "School of Rock"

Scenic Art Studios - "WAITRESS"

Behind the Drop look into the making of the "Waitress" show scrim. Cherry Pie never looked so good!! 

Scenic Art Studios - City of Stars

"The Honeymooners"

Designer: Beowulf Boritt 

Scenics - Jane, Donna, and Lynette

Scenic Art Studios - Constellation Backdrop

Designer: Micheal Yeargan 
Lincoln Center Theater 
Painted by Irina Portnyagina and crew.


Scenic Art Studios - Whipped Cream

"Whipped Cream" Ballet. - Backdrop created by Scenic Art Studios. 

Whipped Cream is about a young boy who overindulges at a Viennese pastry shop and falls into a delirium. - Great Show!!!

Scenic Art Studios - Dirty Dancing Translucent Backdrop

"DIRTY DANCING" Designed by: Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams Scenics: Leading Artist Richard W. Prouse

Scenic Art Studios - Describe the Night 

Behind the creation of the hard scenery for the show Describe the Night.

Scenic Art Studios - The Last Match Sky Drop 

Richard Prouse and Irian Portnyagina create the Sky Backdrop for the show "THE LAST MATCH" ​ - Painted in two days.

Scenic Art Studios - Sky Drop 

Leading Artist: Irina Portnyagina creates the sky drop for the show "The Honeymooners".

Scenic Art Studios - Halloween Take Over

Everyone at Scenic Art Studios is in the spirit of Halloween this year! The scenics work so hard in the studio...sometimes they like to have fun while they do it!!!

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